Have you ever watched YouTube to help you study? While normally watching videos isn’t something we’d recommend, there’s a series of videos by Study Tubers that can help you with everything from taking better notes to last minute study tips. Here are some of the best things we’ve learned from watching Study Tubers:

  1. Take Nice Notes

When your notes look clean and organized, they’re much easier to study later on rather than trying to figure out what it was you possibly wrote down during math class four months ago. Use things like subheadings, bullet points, and plenty of spacing to keep your notes looking clean.

  1. Read Smarter

Don’t try and memorize everything you read, try methods like summarizing as you go and active reading. This gives you something active to do while reading and, bonus, useful study notes for later on.

  1. Be Productive After School

It can be tempting to do anything else besides *more* work once you’ve finished school for the day, but before you know it it’s 10 pm and you haven’t looked at your notes or book again. During exam season, review your notes and get in some studying for at least 30 minutes to one hour right away after classes, when you’re still in the mindset of studying and before you have a chance to just scroll through Instagram for an hour.

  1. Summarize Notes for Exam Prep

Don’t leave cramming for the night before the exam, it’s just overwhelming and stressful. Instead, incorporate summarization into your studying so that you’re making flashcards, abbreviated notes, or whatever helps you best, along the way. That way, the night before the exam you’re just reviewing content rather than trying to remember it all for the first time.

  1. Set the Tone
    Figure out how you study best: do you need complete silence? Music? Background noise? If you need to concentrate but complete silence is too much, put up a Study With Me video. That way you’ll feel some accountability when working “alongside” someone else, albeit someone who isn’t going to distract you every five minutes.